Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Cereal overload

This just in from the AP:

Kellogg Co. has recently donated thousands of boxes of cereal with Michael Phelps’ picture on them to the San Francisco Food Bank.

Kellogg last month declined to renew its endorsement deal with the Olympic swimming star after a photo surfaced showing him smoking from a marijuana pipe.

Food bank executive director Paul Ash says he doesn’t know specifically why the cereal was donated.

Kellogg officials responded to questions Wednesday with an e-mail saying the company routinely donates food that is nearing the end of its shelf life but still good.

I'm pretty sure Phelps could eat all of that cereal in a week by himself, what with his ridiculous 12,000-calories-a-day diet. Speaking of which, check out this Kent State student who ate the Phelps diet for one day. I shudder to think what his digestive system went through after the fact. No bueno.

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