Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Babysitting Blues

While channel surfing -- well, technically, I was digital channel guide scrolling, but whatever -- I happened upon one of my favorite offerings from the '80s: "Adventures in Babysitting." And wouldn't you know it, I turned it on just in time for the iconic scene when Elisabeth Shue et al. sing in the blues bar. Consequently, I have had "The Babysitting Blues" in my head for three days solid.

Where I remain puzzled is why the edit-for-TV folks decided to cut out a full verse of the song when it's aired on basic cable. There's no cussing, and if they're editing for time, it's just silly to do it there, in what is arguably the most entertaining scenes in the film. The other best scene? The gang fight on the train, which does feature cussing, so alas, it is edited, too.

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