Tuesday, December 16, 2008

Are there horse condoms?

Gotta watch out for those quarter horses. They're into some kinky stuff. From the AP:

The Kentucky Department of Agriculture says a quarter horse has tested positive for a contagious sexually transmitted disease that can cause infertility.

The horse in question is from an undisclosed farm in central Kentucky, where he had moved from Texas in February. The University of Kentucky Livestock Disease Diagnostic Center performed the test, and a lab in Iowa confirmed the results.

The horse and others possibly exposed are under quarantine while additional tests are done.

According to the test, the horse tested positive for contagious equine metritis, a venereal disease that can cause infertility in mares and on some occasions cause mares to spontaneously abort their foals. The disease is treatable with antibiotics and disinfectants.

"Uh, yeah, Hank? Um, hi, it's me, Mabel. Yeah, Mabel, from Texas. ... Right, right, it has been a while. Uh, listen, Hank, remember when we, uh, you know ... Yeah, behind the stables, yeah. Anyway, funny thing, uh, it turns out I have equine metritis, so you might wanna go ... Don't call me a whore! You're the one who didn't want to use protection because you 'can't feel anything' with those things on!"

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