Wednesday, December 31, 2008

The final countdown

It's New Year's Eve, boys and girls. Time to pop some champagne, wear a funny hat and try not to puke all over your date. Also a time to revisit a few of my favorite New Year's Eve scenes in cinema. (Spoiler alert!)

While You Were Sleeping: First off, Bill Pullman's hair is amazing in this movie. How could Sandra Bullock NOT fall in love with him? Except for, perhaps, because of his behavior in this NYE scene. He has a record-scratching moment when confronting Sandy for boozing while she's pregnant -- except, you know, she's not pregnant. Whoops. Well, in that case, I say, booze away!

Can't Buy Me Love: Ronald, Ronald, Ronald. Your doucheyness reached an all-time high at Big John's NYE bash, getting it on with Iris ("She's given more rides than Greyhound") in the bathroom while reciting Cindy's poetry. So, I can't really say I feel too bad for the guy when Cindy tells the whole party how she paid him to go out with her, thus ending his popularity peak and casting him off into social no man's land. Bonus points for using Billy Idol's "Dancing With Myself" as the partygoers arrive.

Forrest Gump: Poor Lt. Dan. This scene is actually sort of depressing, seeing how devastating his life has become since losing his legs. However, it is a big turning point in the story and certainly tugs at the emotions. When Lt. Dan stands up for Forrest ("Don't you call him stupid!"), it gets me every time. Also, on a lighter note, I love the delivery of the line, "She tasted like cig-arr-ettessss."

When Harry Met Sally: The quintessential NYE moment. A countdown is heard, "Auld Lang Syne" is played, and love is declared. Funny and sweet, just like the rest of the movie. Meg Ryan's dress is fairly dynamite, too. Gotta get me some of those gloves.

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  1. "Can't Buy Me Love" is in my top 5 cheesy-love stories from the late 80s/early 90s. I swear I watched that movie a minimum of 20 times the summer of my seventh grade year! "My name's not Donald, it's Ronald" always reminds me of my nephew Kody, who couldn't pronounce his 'K' sound, exclaiming, "My name's not Tody, it's TODY!" ;)