Thursday, January 14, 2010

Project Runway rundown

The seventh season of "Project Runway" begins tonight, so let's rank the previous six seasons:

6. Season 6 (Winner: Irina)
A legal battle between Bravo and Lifetime over the rights to the show put the airing of this season on an extended hiatus. I wish I could say it was worth the wait, but it really wasn't. Marred by inconsistent judging and an overall bland group of designers (use some freaking color, guys!), Season 6 did not live up to the long-awaited hype. Here's hoping its second go-round on Lifetime, which starts tonight with a return to NYC, is much, much better.

5. Season 5 (Winner: Leanne)
Like the winner, this season was just boring. Throw in the abomination of annoyance that was Blayne (stop trying to make "-licious" happen!) and the notorious Bettie Page wannabe of evil that was Kenley, and you do not have a winning combination.

4. Season 1 (Winner: Jay)
I got hooked on the show while stuck inside during a rainstorm in Hawaii. True story. The first episode I saw was the mail carrier challenge. Holy crap, did I laugh my head off. The entire season was extremely entertaining and hilarious, and it delivered a "twist ending" -- did anyone think Kara Saun wouldn't win? -- but the quality of the designs was, like the show itself, in an infancy stage. It was more than enough to get me hooked on the series, though. And the reruns still crack me up. Austin Scarlett; need I say more?

3. Season 2 (Winner: Chloe)
One name defines this season, and it wasn't the affably adorable winner, Chloe Dao. It was Santino Rice. Love him or hate him, Santino certainly made for great reality TV. His Tim Gunn impression still gets me every time. "What happened to Andre?" indeed. Some outstanding designs were borne from this season's contestants and I found myself rooting for several of them, depending on the week. We even had drama with the model selection (it's a mothertruckin' walkoff!) and some creative challenges, too (clothes of your back, flowers, ice skating).

2. Season 4 (Winner: Christian)
Champion Christian Siriano could be the most talented designer in "Runway" history. Chris March could be the most lovable, huggable designer in "Runway" history. And the overall talent level of this season's contestants could be the best in "Runway" history.

1. Season 3 (Winner: Jeffrey)
Jam-packed with drama, talent and comedy -- not to mention my favorite challenge ever, the dog challenge -- I can watch these episodes over and over, and they still evoke a cornucopia of emotions. I'm still angered by Alison's elimination (totally should've been Vincent), in awe of Michael's consistency (all the way up until the finale; WTF, Mike?), entertained by Kayne and Robert's banter, and on edge during Keith's controversial dismissal. And don't forget the mom challenge. Man, this season had it all, including some fantastic fashion.

Now, carry on.

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