Sunday, January 11, 2009

Zoom zoom, Michael Phelps

If Olympic swimming star Michael Phelps says you should buy a Mazda, then you should buy a Mazda. From the AP:

Michael Phelps is back where he made Olympic history. Don’t look for much swimming. This time, he’s in Beijing to do TV commercials for automaker Mazda, which is reported to be paying him more than $1 million to endorse the brand in China. It’s believed to be the largest single sponsorship deal for a foreign celebrity in the country.

Judging by Phelps' other quasi-acting stints -- his SNL hosting gig -- the Chinese should be thankful he cannot speak their language.

Oh wait, he used Rosetta Stone to learn Chinese before the Olympics, or so he claims in his ridiculously bad commercial. Well, crap. Sorry, Chinese. With any luck, he'll just stick to his strengths, i.e. standing around without a shirt on.

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